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Post by ryandieauserwahlten on Sat May 04, 2013 2:42 pm


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Post by SWAxRich on Mon May 06, 2013 3:54 pm

I'm not 41 however I have been preaching this for years. We can never come together because of petty BS. Individuals having personal issues with others trying to discredit them at every turn. We all need to come together, for one purpose, our time is running out my brothers and sisters. There is no white nations left, and another 20 years or so there will be no majority white nations. due to the Jewish media many of our race throws out nature's laws and abandons our race.

I feel that the reason why our cause is going no where is because our race has lost a sense of thereself. Everytime I go out in public I see the most beautiful of our race with non-whites. Race mixing was un-thinkable sixty years ago by the majority of our people. But now I feel as if we are going ever closer to annihilation, I get so discouraged at times sometimes I ask myself if I am doing the right thing at times, I have come to the conclusion that I am doing the right thing. The majority of our people are asleep under the watchfull eye of Z.O.G. Most non-whites wont even fight against us because our own race is doing it for them when we become the minority in this land our people will be forced to ride on the back of the bus, our children will be victimized even more than they are now. Our women will be raped in record numbers, the majority of whites live in nice safe white suburban neighborhoods and never have encountered the majority non-white geto dumps that is found in just about every city.

I feel as if sometimes all my efforts and good will is in vain. I give my loyalty without charge but I feel that many people fill ears with empty words with wishful thinking. The modern society and the majority of people lack morals and honor that we use to hold so highly I look around and I see nothing but sickness. I walk around down town and I see needles on the curb I walk aimlessly by as drug deals ask me if I want to buy drugs, or women proposition me for sex I feel that our country is not our own anymore. I have pledge my life to this cause since I have been fourteen, but things have became far worse then they have ever been. I feel as if all my efforts have been wasted there is still ever increasingly white women laying down with lesser races, now I even see males of our race bedding down with the opposite of our race. I'm not giving up by any means I am a bit disheartened how fractured our so called movement is. I fear uniting all the groups, organizations, social clubs, white power gangs, etc. is like chasing the rain.

Growing up I lived in Dayton Kentucky it was a 100% white community that was basically ran by the Klan. One time a black family moved in several broken windows later needless to say they moved out. People had a sense of pride that they would not allow there town and neighborhood to be over ran by non-white crime. I see it happen over and over again in many different towns where a black person moves in, he becomes the most popular person in town. Most white guys want to be like him and then the white girls see him running the party all the white guys doing as he says, so the white girls want to be with them. Its disgusting but no women wants to be with a weak male, women have a natural instinct to be with the strongest man they can. I have recently went back to Dayton Kentucky, they have black cops and several black families although it is still majority white but for how long?

I will continue to do what I can for this cause that I believe so strongly in. I will continue to print out fliers and distribute them, burn CD's and hand them out, attend rallies and organize concerts. Our cause is far more greater than our selves as I set here in a dark room, I ponder many things about life, race, and religion. Life is really depressing with how dark our nation has become and how disloyal many people that share our cause and idea's are.


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