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my letter to PAULA DEAN

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my letter to PAULA DEAN Empty my letter to PAULA DEAN

Post by dragon88 on Wed Jul 03, 2013 1:56 pm

Racial Comrades: Today I would like to address my few words to "Paula Deen".

Recently you have been faced with the wrath of the "Politically Correct" crowd, for sometime in your life - having used the slur word "nigger".

Apparently, such usage is worse than being a PEDOPHILE, or perhaps a U.S. governmental politician, - and the whole of the Judeo-Capitalist system is crying for your blood - as an "EXAMPLE" to the rest of the sheeple - IF they DARE think outside the P.C. box.

Like "Mel Gibson" before you - who spoke on the JEWISH role - in destroying and polluting the Western White World, as being the CREATORS of all these WARS that have bled our race to the point of death, just as another example...

Yet AGAIN, like him - YOU are GROVELING to the small percentage of people who are presently IN CONTROL of our lives. WHY?

Last year - your "Food Network" enterprises - brought YOU over 17 MILLION DOLLARS in wealth! Gibson no doubt is even WEALTHIER!

HOW "MUCH" DO YOU REALLY "NEED"? At what point do you finally put YOUR PRIDE before "MONEY"?

Paula, the vast MAJORITY of the people who are your "ADMIRERS" - are NOT "PC YUPPIES" - they are regular WHITE folks, who I'm sure, in their lifetimes HAVE also said the word "nigger" like yourself. No, "nigger" is NOT a "nice" word, but I'm sure that in peoples' vocabularies, it has its place - OR it wouldn't BE so commonly USED. Don't you think that blacks also have "slang words" for YOURSELF and other White people, and USE THEM regularly? Its hypocritical not to think so. That's life....

What REALLY disgusts me about your "reaction", is the fact that INSTEAD of simply SAYING NOTHING - OR - stepping up to the plate, and stating clearly, "NOT ALL BLACK PEOPLE ARE 'NIGGERS", but SOME SURE AS HELL ARE"! And there are "WHITE NIGGERS TOO" - you had to GROVEL. WHY?

IF you HAD taken that bold step, TENS of MILLIONS of folks across America - would have raised a cheer that would have rocked the PC crowd back on their heels - and MAYBE, just MAYBE would have been the FIRST STEP towards ending their PC reign of terror that blankets this land! Let's face it - WHAT in hell could you have LOST, that isn't being taken from you already?

Think of WHAT you might have GAINED - the LOVE, APPRECIATION and SUPPORT of ALL those "WHITE FOLKS" who WATCH and PURCHASE your PRODUCTS! That's what! They would have risen to your HEROIC ACTIONS, and the PC JEWS and their stooges would have been HORRIFIED and would perhaps start to think twice before they tried PERSECUTING another White man or woman for not toeing the PC line...

WHERE and WHEN Paula ( and Mel ) will folks like YOU - ever HAVE ENOUGH wealth - that your personal PRIDE, will mean MORE than a spot at the Judeo-Capitalist's table, scrambling for more and MORE "money" and "CONTROLLED FAME"? ALL of which "THEY" can TAKE WAY when you don't act the LICKSPITTLE that "THEY" demand.

WHAT will YOU and MEL and all the OTHER system's "PUPPETS" - "DO" - to earn AND keep the smile of the most EVIL and CORRUPT demons to ever walk the face of planet earth shining for the MOMENT upon you? ANYTHING and EVERYTHING?

IF White people who already "HAVE it ALL" - and enough to ALWAYS "have it all", no matter what occurs in your lifetimes, except of course death - refuse to ACT with some personal Aryan DIGNITY...what can honestly be expected from all the LITTLE PEOPLE out there? ABJECT SUBSERVIENCE at the price of "MATERIALISM"?

Paula, your SHAME is NOT in having uttered the word "nigger", it's in having NO COURAGE to STAND UP like a WHITE WOMAN and DEFEND HERSELF! It's NOT a "crime" YET - to use the so-called "N-Word" - it's ONLY in the minds of a FEW, who have the POWER and selfish desire to CONTROL all the rest of us, of whatever race of culture. They're doing it across the GLOBE, and ESPECIALLY here in the JEW-S-A - around the globe they use TERROR and MURDER with their military meat-grinder, here at home it's presently more "economic".

But, it HAS to be MET and it has to be STOPPED and DEFEATED!

Look at that brave young White man who spilled the beans on "our government's" ILLEGAL SPYING on its law abiding citizens - NOW, he's being called a "SPY" by the same CRIMINALS that he dared to EXPOSE! WHERE are the TREASONOUS CHARGES filed against those IN GOVERNMENT, and their CONTROLLED MEDIA STOOGES?

Paula, Mel and ALL the REST of YOU wealthy SLAVES - for that's WHAT you ARE - if you CAN'T speak you minds FREELY..."MAN UP"! And for ALL of you White Sheeple out there, who follow and drool over the latest SYSTEM PUPPET that is paraded before you on the TV screens and the tabloids - to worship and idolize - WAKE UP and SMELL the ROSES - they're ALL FAKE, CONTROLLED PUPPETS meant to mis-direct YOU into THINKING that WRONG IS RIGHT and UNNATURAL is SUPPOSEDLY NATURAL.

ALL of these "popular people" are in reality nothing more than PAID/CONTROLLED WHORES - meant to MIS-LEAD you into corrals where the SYSTEM wants you to exist. Thank heaven that the vast MAJORITY of the population are POOR, WAGE SLAVES - who have LITTLE to LOSE - for THINKING for THEMSELVES, IF they honestly desire to do so. Let's face it folks, we're ALL sheep being herding to the pens to be SHEARED - but, that doesn't mean that we can't bleat our disapproval before we're butchered...


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