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24 hrs. (poem)

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24 hrs. (poem) Empty 24 hrs. (poem)

Post by dragon88 on Wed Jun 19, 2013 9:30 pm

The sun does set in the west,
And the night is dark and bitterly cold.
We cling to the memories of our best,
Through the stories of them that we are told.
For the beasts are now freed,
Reeking havoc upon our nation,
And there is no knight upon a white steed,
Nor is there one to whom can stop the damnation.
Chaos has become our friend,
And war is now our wretched wife.
Our desperation prays for the end,
As many lost souls give up on life.
But could this really be the America’s last verse?
Was it the ‘civil’-‘rights’ and integration of our neighborhood,
That lead to the White House that now drives our hearse?
It’s been a long road with never any good.
The darkness suffocates our American dream,
As the minorities take to rejoicing.
In our hours of misery we can’t even scream,
Or that too will send them off in cheers of celebrating.
Yet within our veins does burn the patriots desire,
And our conscience demands we stand to fight.
While our racial solidarity consumes us like fire,
We force ourselves to arise to set things right.
Casting aside the chains of their establishment,
We march on to preserve the All-American way.
And through The Nationalist Movement,
We see the sun rising upon another day

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